Micro Fiber Cloth... 
An Exciting New Discovery 
To Help Keep Baby Healthier And Happier!

You can now keep Baby clean with
just plain water... it's like Magic.

You will say it's a Miracle Cloth!

The Baby's Magic Micro Cloth

That's your first impression when you feel the Baby's Magic Micro Cloth. You'll wonder how something so soft can clean so fantastically and last for years. The super soft Micro Fiber Cloth looks and feels like a real fine chamois. 

Safe For Baby.
Baby's Magic Micro Cloth is a perfect choice for infant care. 

Hypo-allergenic for your baby's delicate skin.

Use as a baby wipe, drool cloth, sticky hand wipe, etc. 

No chemicals are used in this micro fiber cloth, so your baby and your home environment are safer. 

Our Micro Fiber Cloth is NOT treated with any chemical cleaning agents. It is the Micro Fiber material that makes it work. 

Helps To Keep Your Baby Bacteria Free

This Miracle Cloth removes not only visible dirt, but bacteria as well. Micro Fibers in the cloth are woven together in a fashion that allows them to accumulate and absorb more particles of dirt and bacteria than any other fabric known! 

Baby Cleans Up In A Jiffy.
Almost anything the baby gets into can be quickly wiped away. The only thing you need to add is plain water. And most of the time this is not even necessary.

The perfect drool tool. The Baby's Magic Micro Cloth sucks up and locks in moisture until you wash it in warm water.

Baby's Magic Micro Cloth To The Rescue.
Baby's Magic Micro Cloth absorbs 7 times it own weight. Simply wring out and its ready to suck up more spills and mishaps.

Your Kids Will Grow Up 
Using This Miracle Cloth.
Baby's Magic Micro Cloth will last for years. Our Micro Fiber miracle has been tested and proven to still be effective after approximately 600 washings.

Don't irritate your baby's skin with harsh soaps and chemicals. 

Help To Heal Baby's Skin Problems.
Pamper your baby with the feeling of soft, luxurious Baby's Magic Micro Cloth as it lifts dirt and matter from their skin. Keep your baby clean and dry the hypo-allergenic way!

Micro Fiber is excellent for exfoliating -- Baby's Magic  Micro Cloth helps turn red, dry, itchy, flaky skin into vibrant healthy skin. 

And the Baby's Magic Micro Cloth will help to balance out the oil in your babies skin. Great for baby's with extra sensitive skin and it is soooo soft. 

It is what you have been searching for. And remember, the Baby's Magic Micro Cloth is hypo-allergenic and machine washable. 

New 16 x 16 Inches Size.
This new, easy-to-handle size allows you to get eight magical microfiber cleaning surfaces from one cloth. 

When using the Baby's Magic Micro Cloth, fold it in half, then in half again. Each time you use the cloth fold to a fresh panel. 

This will give you eight fresh surfaces, each a little over 8 by 8 inches, to use before you have to rinse the cloth. It's like having eight cloths in one, great for that long day trip.

New 8 x 8 Inch Purse Size.
For the woman on the go, this handy purse size Baby's Magic Macro Cloth is there when you need it.

This is great for the caring mother on the move.


Microscopic enlargement of the ultra smooth Baby's Magic Micro Cloth surface.

What Is A Micro Fiber? 
One of science's new, environmentally safe miracles. The Micro Fiber was originally developed for ‘Clean Room’ applications in the semi-conductor industry. Hypo-allergenic cleaning cloths are a must for this work. 

Micro Fibers are synthetic filaments that are interwoven, 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide, and put through a special process where each filament is split into 16 sections with 16 interval spaces. 

Our Baby's Magic Micro Cloth has about 3 billion of these wedge-shaped little grabbers to gobble up the dirt and soil pulled into the tiny traps. Want to know more? 
It is really interesting... Click Here!

Baby's Magic Micro Cloths
16 x 16 inches 
$8.95 plus $5.50 U.S. Priority Shipping.


Three (3) Baby's Magic Micro Cloths 
16 x 16 inches 
$21.95 plus $5.50 U.S. Priority Shipping. 

Baby's Magic Micro Cloths Purse Size
8 x 8 inches
$6.95 $4.95 plus $5.50 U.S. Priority Shipping. 

Three (3) Baby's Magic Micro Cloths Purse Size
8 x 8 inches 
$20.85 $11.95 plus $5.50 U.S. Priority Shipping.


Special All Purpose 

Combo Package
One Terry Magic Micro Cloth
16 x 16 inches
One Terry Magic Micro Cloth 
13 x 13 inches
One Suede Magic Micro Cloth 
For Glass 16 x 16 inches
One Suede Lens And CD Cleaning Magic Micro Cloth 8 x 8 inches
Regular Price... $37.80
All Purpose Package Price 
$24.95 Plus $6.50 
Priority Shipping
Special Beauty And 
Bath Combo Package
One Beauty Magic Micro Cloth
16 x 16 inches
One Beauty Magic Micro Cloth 
Purse Size 8 x 8 inches
One Magic Micro Hair Turban
Micro Fiber Terry

Regular Price... $29.80
Beauty Package Price 
$24.95 Plus Shipping

Easy To Carry In Your Purse, Diaper Bag, in the Glove Compartment. 

Keep Your Baby Vibrant And Healthy... 
Order Now! 

God Bless

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Glass & Mirror

Magic Micro 
Bath Items 

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A Few 
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Magic Micro Cloth Will Be Useful - 
All With 
Water Only!

Marker Boards
Refrigerators Stainless Steel
Bathrooms Silverware
Television Screens 
Range Hood
Spots on Clothes Motorcycles
Painted Metal Golf Clubs
Art Work
Glass Tables
Hand Rails
Greasy Pots 
and Pans 
Vinyl - Plastic
Water Spots
Sports Equipment
Dish Drying
Lamp Shades
Equipment Tools Blackboards Silverware 
(inside & out)
Window Blinds
Pet Grooming
Personal Care
and Thousands of other uses!

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