2 Magic Micro Mops
Each With 2 Mop Pads.

Microfiber Floor Dust and  Microfiber Damp Mops Pad

If you have marble, tile, or hard wood floors this is your lucky day. This is what you have been looking for... 

Now with Microfiber you will now to be able to clean the floors in half the time and many times better.

And the your can throw away those toxic chemicals.
Yes... best part in most cases all you will ever need is water.

Easy to use.. it has a mufti direction swivel head. Clean under those hard to reach spots with a spin of the mop head.

Two Mop Pads... Two Jobs... 

1. The Dust Master

The Dry Mop Pad
The Dust Master mop for quickly dusting and shining floors. 

The magic of static electricity and the Microfiber material...
Sucks up the dust bunnies.... eats the crumbs.... pets and people hair jumps to the mop head.

This is a unique magic microfiber products cleans floor as if it attracts dust.

2. Water Weapon 

The Damp Mop Pad
Wet... Wring and Wipe... No Streaking.
You will be amazed, really. Gleaming tile without streaks or spots. The secret is the miracle of of the Microfiber Cloth and Water. Water is a powerful natural cleaner when combined with the tiny Microfiber grabbers and traps.

Magic Micro Fiber Mop
Easy On.... Easy Off...
Attaching the damp mop pad to the holder is a snap.
Attach the white side of the microfiber mop pad to the velcro on the underside of the mop head. To remove the pad, simply pull it away from the velcro. 

Our Mop Head Pad Holder Is Milti-use. 
You can use the regular 16x16 Magic Mirco Cloth  to replace the Microfiber Mop Head. Using the gator grip, simply stick the cloth into the grpper until it stays, to remove... pull it out.

A dampened Magic Micro Water Weapon Wet Mop pad and your mop is ready to remove stubborn stains or and like a magic wand for quick pick ups.

Clean your  outside, oversized or
hard-to-reach windows..

Multi Use: 
home, office, hospital, building, factory, etc.

No matter what kind of floor you are cleaning, we have created the perfect mop for you! Ideal for hardwood, linoleum and stone surface floors in both home and industrial applications.

The Spill Master!
Be ready for the big spills. Leave your Wet Mop dry on the handle ready to go. The Magic Micro material will suck up to seven (7) times it's own weight. Use dry. The mop will quickly clean up most spills in a couple of swipes. It's a real party saver.

Water A Miracle Cleaner?
Water usually is sloshed over the surface mixed with a high concentration of soap and chemicals which literally clots the water.  Preventing the water to reach into the tiny crevices for the surface, it causes the chemical laced water ball up sits on the surface not getting down to the soil.

The billions of ultra tiny Microfiber strands strokes down into the surfaces normally missed by other mops. The tiny traps dip into the tiny crevices and scoops out the soil. The traps close and hold the soil until you rinse your Mop in hot water.

Your kitchen floor need ever see detergent again. All you use is water with these mops!

For heavy trafficked and neglected areas, soap may be used with our Magic Micro Mops. Our suggestion is to use a small amount soap or cleaner and let the Microfiber do the work. Most professional say they use half of the amount soap they normally use. Besides a faster cleaner job they say they save a lot of money for the chemicals they do not have to buy.

What Is A Microfiber?
One of science's new, environmentally safe miracles. The Microfiber was originally developed for ‘Clean Room’ applications in the semi-conductor industry. Dust and lint free cleaning cloths are a must for this work.

Micro fibers are synthetic filaments that are interwoven, 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide, and put through a special process where each filament is split into 16 sections with 16 interval spaces.

Our Terry Magic Micro Cloth has about over 3 billion of these wedge-shaped little grabbers to gobble up the dust, grime and soil pulled into the traps by static electricity. Want to know more? It is really interesting... Click Here!

Our Micro Fiber Mops have telescopic handles to reach high places such as windows and skylights, swivel heads for cleaning under beds, sofas, or other low furniture.

Pet Owner's Dream

Company Coming Or  A Pet Showing?
For a last minute quick clean up, rub your pet with the dry Terry Magic Micro Cloth it will suck up dirt, loose hair and fleas.

Pet lovers, with hardwood or tile floors can quickly suck up all that loose hair, just put your Magic Micro Cloth on the floor and put your mop on top and swish around. The static electricity and micro fiber traps pick up the pet hair like magic, you will wonder how you lived without it.

A study by the Institute of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Sydney, Australia, found that the micro fiber picked up more than 93 percent of dog and cat allergens from floors.

A necessity for pet lovers and groomers.

The Magic Micro Multi Mop Set  
2 Mops (Pads)
    One (1) Deluxe Dust Buster Dry Mop Pad
    One (1) Deluxe Water Weapon Damp Mop Pad

One (1) Italian Telescopic Handle

One (1) Low Profile Swivel Head (Pad Holder)

Regular Price $39.95 
Internet Price Only $28.95
Plus Shipping

TWO (2) The Magic Micro Multi Mop Sets
4 Mops (Pads)

      Two (2) Deluxe Dust Buster Dry Mop Pad
      Two (2) Deluxe Water Weapon Damp Mop Pad

Regular Price $79.90
Internet Price Only $55.95
Plus Shipping

Aircraft Aluminum Telescopic Handle
Ergonomically Correct! Adjust the length for your specific height
Our telescopic handles are made from lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy, and is perfect to reach high places such as windows and skylights, swivel heads for cleaning under beds, sofas, or other low furniture.

Low Profile Swivel Head (Multi Pad Holder)
The multi directional low profile mop head swivels and rotates in all directions. It goes and cleans under, around and up the walls and across the ceiling. The low profile head making it easy to pick up dirt in hard-to-reach areas.

Our Swivel Mop Head is unique for it has velcro for our mops and gator grippers on top of using our 16 x 16 inch Magic Macro Cloth in place of the mops in an emergency.

Care And Feeding Of Your Magic Micro Cloth

The pads are machine wash under permanate press setting also are easy to hand wash and wring out. and dry 600 times, (for best results hang the mops on the line or lay them flat to dry).

Do NOT bleach or wash with bleach.

Do NOT dry with dryer sheets or fabric softner.

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