The Magic Micro  Hair Turban
Dries Your Hair Like Magic!

Micro Fiber Is A Miracle Cloth!

At last, an answer to healthy hair drying. 

Hair dries itself!!  Microfiber Terry Turban absorbs most of the wetness.

  • You no longer have to damage your hair with prolonged heat exposure from the hair dryer.
  • You will enjoy less tangling, snarls and snags since you don't have to rub your hair to dry it. Great for fragile damaged hair.
  • The incredible absorption capabilities of the micro fiber material, pulls the water from the hair into the billions of water traps and your hair practically dries itself. This means healthier hair and can also help balance oils in your hair. 
 Easy as A....  B.... C!

Can be worn three ways... 
Loop in the back as above or, loop in the front; simply the reverse the turban. You can also have the loop on the left or right sides for that "European look." You decide your "style." You'll love your Magic Micro Hair Turban.

To use: Push your hair forward and place the wide end of the turban over the back of your head, twist your hair into the loose portion of the turban, pull the end over your head and insert in the loop in the back. When you remove the turban you will find that the excess moisture has been removed from your hair. The use of the Micro Fiber Turban not only lessens the need for a blow dryer, it eliminates the damage from extreme heat and leaves your hair much healthier and more vibrant. 

You can leave the Magic Micro Hair Turban on while getting dressed - no more "balancing" a towel on your head while dressing. No more wetting the collar of your dry cleaned outfits. You can adjust the fit... Tight fit so you can move easily while you are dressing or getting ready for the day or night.

Olympic Swimmers Prefer Magic Micro Hair Turbans!
Great "putting on" to safely and naturally dry your hair, when you get out of the pool, lake or ocean.

What Is A Micro Fiber ? 
One of science's new, environmentally safe miracles. The microfiber was originally developed for ‘Clean Room’ applications in the semi-conductor industry. 

Microfibers are synthetic filaments that are interwoven, 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide, and put through a special process where each filament is split into 16 sections with 16 interval spaces. 

Our Magic Micro Hair Turban has over 5 billion of these wedge-shaped little grabbers, moisture is pulled into the traps. 

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Magic Micro Hair Turban
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Three (3) Magic Micro Hair Turban
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