How To Use Your
Magic Micro Cloth
Cleans And Polishes
Everything Like Magic!

No Chemicals, 
Only Water Does The Job
And Many Times You Even Don't Need The Water

You will understand why people call it 
the Miracle Cloth!

The Micro Fiber ClothCleans everything with

Micro Fiber holds up to 7 times it's weight in dirt, grime and liquid. Micro Fiber acts like a magnet for dust, dirt, grease and oil. Dry, you may use it as a fantastic dusting or polishing cloth. You should see what it does to jewelry - diamonds sparkle! All of these and more with absolutely no cleaning agents, scrub brushes, steel wool, cleansers, detergents, soaps, etc ... and don't forget it's completely Hypo-Allergenic and can be used safely on any surface.! 

The Cloth is NOT treated with any chemical cleaning agents. It is the MICROFIBER material that makes it work. 

Our Magic Micro Cloths remove not only visible dirt, but bacteria as well. Microfibers in the cloth are woven together in a fashion that allows them to accumulate and absorb more particles of dirt and bacteria than any other fabric known! 


The rules of use are simple...

Use Dry

Use Dry For Dusting And Daily - Weekly Cleaning.
Use of the billion grabber traps and the miracle of static electricty allows the Micro Fiber Cloth to perform like a miracle cloth.

You will notice our products do not make a dust line as some of the left over dust line is sucked in to the micro fiber as it passes.

Terry Magic Micro Cloth

Terry Magic Micro Cloth is for light to heavy duty cleaning.
The Terry loops make this perfect for heavy cleaning and uneven surfaces.
One cloth can do the whole house. Using our large 16 x 16 inche size you can fold in half and half again gives you eight sides of clean Micro Fiber grabbers. 
After all sides are dirty you can wash in sopy water, wring out, drip dry and it's ready to go for another day of dusting.

Suede Magic Micro Cloth

Suede Magic Micro Cloth is the choice for smooth surfaces, from the labortory microscope lens to floor tile, from wiping baby's drool to cleaning large windows spot and streak free.

The Suede Micro Fiber Cloth is perfect for polishng fine silver as our Micro Fiber products will not scratch the smoothest surface. Gold returns to it's original luster and daimonds sparlkle like the commercails.


Use Damp

Use Damp For Heavy Duty Cleaning

No NOT Use Wet!
Always wet, wring out and wipe. Never use wet and it defeats the purpose of the little graber traps which fill with water. The damp Micro Fiber product allows the traps to open and oick up the heavy soil.

A user reported he cleaned his entire dirty car engine with the Terry Magic Micro Cloth and water only. That's heavy duty cleaning.

Heavy duty cleaning use the damp Terry Magic Micro Cloth.

Clean Windows or Mirrors Streak And Lint Free
Clean windows or mirrors streak, smear and smudge free with no cleaner in one step, and reduces the risk for developing allergies. All of this and more with no cleaning agents, WOW!! Glass, and smooth surfaces use the damp Suede Magic Micro Cloth.

The exception to the rule would be to use the Terry Cloth on outside windows in heavy auto traffic areas or windows in smoke stack areas. The Terry cloth does an excellent job taking the heavy dirt off outside windows. It also works on all glass surfaces too but, we highly recommend you use the Suede Magic Micro Cloth for most of your glass cleaning needs. Very absorbant: the micro fibers will absorb up to 7 times their weight in dust, dirt and grime. 

The large 16 by 16 inch size gives you eight cleaning surfaces. This saves you time.

Fine Mirror Safe
Liquid glass cleaners can run down into the bottom and back of your expensive mirror and attact the silver finish. It does not take much to destroy a delicate mirror silver backing. Using your Magic Micro Cloth damp will remove the dust and grime without doing damage to the frames.

Slightly dampen your Magic Micro Cloths or use the Cloth dry with a spritzer bottle and slightly dampen surface as needed with just water. 


Use Damp:

In the bathroom, use Terry Magic Micro Cloth damp to miraculously remove soap scum, hard watermarks and ring-around-the-tub and sink. This looped micro fiber cloth resembles terry towel and is excellent for heavier duty jobs. 

Ideal for thoroughly cleaning areas where hygiene is important, helping to eliminate bacteria without cleaning chemicals!

A quick wipe of the bathroom mirror and you'll throw away your blue window cleaner. 

For heavy build up of soap scum and hard water deposits use the Terry Magic Micro Cloth. 

Keep soap scum and hard water deposits from forming on shower stalls and walls a quick once over daily with the Suede Magic Micro Cloth willl keep your shower shining. Daily cleaning will also make quick work to clean lime deposits

Best results for streak free glass, windows, mirrors, use the Suede Magic Micro Cloth. Dry to dust, damp to clean.



The toughest cleaning chores, including the oven are made easy with the Terry Magic Macro Cloth. 

After wetting with water, wring it out to almost dry; you will marvel as you clean your entire kitchen (greasy stove hood, stove, refrigerator, etc.) and finish up by cleaning your patio door streak-free with the same towel. 

You will eliminate the need for paper towels, glass and all-purpose cleaners or any of those products that may cause allergic reactions.

Cleaning your refrigerator is always a dreded chore you have to remove all the shelves, soap them down, get water all over the counter, and so on. With the microfiber cloth, because you don't have to rinse, The glass shelves are cleaned in place and completed the job takes less than 10 minutes.

The increased surface area of the fiber allows the cloth to absorb about 7 times its weight in liquid. Great for cleaning up spills keep a Magic Micro Cloth handy for the emerengcy.


Cleaning Art Work Is Easy And Safe

Protect your valuable art work. 
Use dry to dust canvas and frames.
Use damp to clean years of grime and dust without harming the surface. Your Magic Micro cloth will not scratch. Remember it cleans without harmful chemicals

Protect The Frames

Liquid glass cleaners can run down into the bottom of a frame, eventually destroying the molding. Using your Magic Micro Cloth damp will remove the dust and grime without doing damage to the frames.


TV and Computer
One swipe across your dusty TV screen with an Suede Micro Fiber Cloth will convince you that it's the best dust cloth you've ever used. 


Imagine washing your car and do the windows afterwards with the same towel. No buckets of water or 99 different bottles of cleaner to haul around in your trunk or around the house. 

You will eliminate the need for paper towels, glass and all-purpose cleaners or any of those products that may cause allergic reactions.

Use Terry Magic Micro Cloth for removing hard to clean love bugs off the windshields, grill and bumper too!

Users say they even cleaned automobile engines with water ONLY!!

 Safe for clear coat finishes

Slightly dampen your Magic Micro Cloths or use the Cloth dry with a spritzer bottle and slightly dampen surface as needed with just water. You'll be amazed at how easily oily dirt and grime lift off surfaces and are left clean and streak free. 

Next time you need to clean just remember - Wet it, Wring it, Wipe it.


How To Clean CDs

Important CD Cleaning Warning...
Clean In A Straight Line From The Center Out.

Because the disc is written in a spiral track, drives are particularly sensitive to scratches that follow the curve of the disc. For this reason, always wipe in a straight line, from the center of the disc out, in radial fashion. That way, any inadvertent scratches or residue will be perpendicular to the track, causing minimum interference. 

If the CD surface should become stained or contaminated, gently wipe it off with a soft, dry Suede Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth.

Badly soiled CDs can be quickly restored by using a damp Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth. 

Water should be all you ever need to add to to tackle all but the most difficult problem. 

As an last resort clean your damaged CD with Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth with ethyl alcohol. 

Do NOT use benzene thinner, anti-static agents or conventional LP record cleaners on your CD.


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