How To Wash 
The Magic Micro Cloth!

To care for Magic Micro Fiber Products, simply hand wash in hot mildly soapy water,  rinse out and hang up to dry. 

Machine Wash By Permanent Press Only
Be careful when machine washing, use permanent press setting only, too much heat will melt your micro fiber product and lock up the traps.

Too much soap will clog up the little grabbers and destroy the static electricity. If soap is needed a  little dish washing liquid is recommended. Use about half as much soap (liquid or powder) than usual. 

How To Dry
Air drying is recommended but with our products you can also use a dryer on low heat. 

Line (air) drying will allow Micro Fiber products to remain effective up to 600 washings. Machine drying can shorten this by half. NEVER dry Micro Fiber with towels or other lint baring materials.

Do Not Wash Or Dry In Mixed Loads.
Magic Micro Cloths little grabbers are so strong they will suck up the lint from other fabrics. Leaving your Magic Micro Cloth clean but the tiny traps will already be filled with lint. You would have to rewash to get your normal Magic Micro Cloth performance. 

Do Not Use Bleach 
Bleach will shorten the life of your micro fiber cloths.

Do Not Iron Magic Micro Products.
The heat of the iron will melt your micro fiber product and lock up the traps.

Do Not Use Fabric Softeners Or Dryer Sheets 
Fabric softeners leave a film on the cloths that destroys static electricity and causes trap doors to swell and close.

Dusting And Cleaning Master
The Terry Magic Micro Cloths is the master of dusting and cleaning and can be effectively used dry, wet or moist. Terry Micro Fiber is better for most heavy soiled areas except glass.

Glass Master
The spot and streak free cleaning of glass and polished stone is remarkable with the use of Micro Fiber Suede. Magic Micro Cloths Suede are also great for dusting and cleaning just like the terry, and because of the exposed fine fibers, are especially effective for ultra smooth surfaces. This is the cloth for buffing, polishing all types of surfaces including silverware, fine china and stem ware. 

All Magic Micro Cloth products are effective with or without chemicals cleansers. 

Magic Micro Cloth is preferred for its very light weight, super absorbency and rapid drying properties. 

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